Who is Jimako

How long have you been making your products?

Angelo Karpouzis opened his first Tom’s #1 in Carson, California in 1981.
He buys his first espresso machine in 1989 – Jimako is born.
He starts selling hot latte’s through the drive thru succesfully.
Customers start asking for cold drinks 1991 – Jimako Extreme Blends are born.
Jimako Toffee Coffee, Caramelo and Mocha are the first signature drinks.
In 2001 Jimako creates his own production facility.
Future home of Jimako Extreme Coffee will be in Ontario California by 2018.

What sets our product apart from other manufacturers of frappe mixes and fruit smoothies?

Our loyal customers at Tom’s #1 restaurants. Why? They are our partner in creating and developing Jimako Extreme Products. Unlike other manufacturers, we have a huge customer base that helps us test new and existing products. Listening to them has been the key to success.

Why go to the general public with your product?

The answer is simple. Why keep something sooo good a secret when everyone can enjoy. Jimako believes in sharing his success with other businesses. We feel in all humility that Jimako has better tasting products. It is time to try it with your customers.

Who is the core customer?

People that love espresso and the baristas that serve them. Jimako products are created with the barista in mind. Most of the powders are formulated to be used with espresso. That is our core business! All you need is: espresso, milk, Jimako powder and ice.