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Cookies & Cream

A delicious interpretation of this classic flavor. Rich, indulgent Oreo and Cream taste that will leave customers wanting more.

Extreme Caramelo

A sweet blend of creamy and buttery coffee made with a touch of sea salt. This drink has a "sinful satisfaction" indulgence that will leave you sipping for more. Smile and sip on a cup of Jimako Extreme Caramelo.

Extreme Coconut Mocha

A great mix of coffee, chocolate, and coconut. Our coconut comes from the tropical islands of the Philippines, which brings a burst of exotic and nutty flavor to this drink. Smile and sip on a cup of Jimako Extreme Coconut Mocha.

Extreme French Vanilla

Our creamy blend is as smooth as a French vanilla ice cream. The difference between regular vanilla and our creamy French vanilla is the added indulgence. Smile and sip on a cup of Jimako Extreme French Vanilla.

Extreme Hazelnut

Combines chocolate, coffee, and gently toasted hazelnut. Enjoy the aroma of nutty and rich hazelnuts in every sip. Smile and sip on a cup of Jimako Extreme Hazelnut.

Extreme Horchata

Made with rice, cinnamon, vanilla, and milk. Espresso or instant coffee can be mixed in this classic drink to give it a modern twist. Smile and sip on a cup of Jimako Extreme Horchata.

Extreme Hot Chocolate

A European style hot chocolate, which is a rich and decadent drink. To enjoy more rich flavor, please mix this hot cocoa in hot water or steamed milk. Smile and sip on a cup of Jimako Extreme Hot Chocolate.

Extreme Mango

Fresh ripe mangos selected to give you a perfect balance of sweetness and tart.

Extreme Mexican Mocha

Blends cinnamon, nutmeg, chocolate, and coffee in this festive drink. This drink will bring you back to your childhood memories with your family in Mexico. Smile and sip on a cup of Jimako Extreme Mexican Mocha.

Extreme Mocha

Made with a blend of two types of cocoa underlined in rich coffee. The blend of premium red and dark cocoa powder is a perfect balance of chocolate and coffee. Smile and sip on a cup of Jimako Extreme Mocha.

Extreme Piña Colada

A tropical journey that blends coconut and pineapple while laying on a beach sipping away.

Extreme Rompope

This Mexican Egg Nog is inspired by the crushed ice snow cone street vendors and decades of Mexican tradition. This drink is a precise mix of vanilla, egg yolk, milk, cinnamon and brandy, achieving a perfect balance for a modern raspado. Smile and sip on a cup of Jimako “Bolis de Rompope”.

Extreme Strawberry

Taking premium local strawberries from North America to create this amazing strawberry bomb of intense flavor.

Matcha Green Tea

Made with authentic matcha green tea powder. Matcha Green Tea Blended Creme provides an overseas adventure in a cup. This indulgent green tea blend is perfect for anyone that prefers a delicious alternative to coffee.

Peanut Butter Chocolate

An all time favorite pairing of chocolate and peanut butter. Perfectly delicious for any time of day.

Spiced Chai

Fine black tea perfectly balanced with flavours of savory exotic spices. Prepare to embark on a true chai experience.

Toffee Coffee

A sweet blend of crunchy butter toffee, chocolate, and coffee. Your sweet tooth cravings will be thoroughly satisfied. Smile and sip on a cup of Jimako Toffee Coffee.